Eventi della Scuola

Ministro Giannini inaugura l'anno scolastico

Date: 24 settembre 2016

On Saturday, September 24 2016, the Italian Minister of Research, Education and University, Stefania Giannini, has inaugurated the 2016-2017 school year at the Scuola Italiana del Sabato PIB.

The Minister met with our school Director also the day before, and said to be impressed by the innovative and full-immersion approach to Italian education applied at our school, by the large number of students, and by the collaboration with other similar schools in New Jersey and Chicago. She thanked the school volunteers for their hard work, and praised the importance of keeping alive the Italian language among the younger generations and their ties to Italy.

The Minister’s visit lasted almost one hour, and allowed her to meet teachers, parents, students, and to visit the school rooms and gym.
The Scuola Italiana del Sabato PIB is grateful to Minister Giannini for her encouraging words and for spending her time to show our school the moral support of the Italian Government she represents.