The School

The objective of Scuola Piccoli Italiani di Boston (PIB School) is not “just” help children to maintain / improve their Italian, but above all, give them a way to “grow” and form friendships that will enrich their lives and the lives of their families. That’s why this school has grown so quickly, and also attracts families from New Hampshire and Rhode Island.


The kids do not like feeling different from their peers and for this, even if both parents speak to them in Italian, if you do not have enough of Italian-speaking friends, lose interest in learning the language, much less are inclined to read and write in Italian. Mastering a language is the only real way to assimilate its culture. For Italian parents, to introduce our children their own language and culture is also a way to make them understand their origins and histories; so the children will know better and strengthen relationships with parents and with families in Italy. For non-Italian parents, to learn their children an advanced Italian means to enable them to broaden their horizons, forge links with the Italian community in Boston and Italy. Knowing the Italian will then be for them as adults now, a great advantage, as they will better interact with the many professional excellence of Italian origin in the United States or other countries, or with the many citizens of the world who increasingly know and appreciate the Italian culture.

Scientific research has shown that people who grew up in bilingual achieve obvious advantages, for example, with the development of brain connections that improve the ability to solve problems and reduce the risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s: (Ghazi et al, Brain and Language 2013; Perani et al, PNAS 2017).

Other realities teach Italian children from the Boston area, but being dedicated especially to children who do not understand / speak Italian language levels teach basic courses in one or two hours a week.

A school for whom?

Children (with parents of any nationality and origin) between 2 and 13 years of age, which already understand (and, if they have at least 4 years, speak) the Italian and, on Saturday morning, I’m ready to talk, play and study exclusively in Italian.

The objectives and method of the Small School in Boston Italian

The teaching is made according to the method full immersion, With classes held exclusively in Italian, which definitely ensure the maximum degree of involvement and results with children already accustomed to hear or speak, even if partially, the Italian. The PIB School remains the first and only Italian course taught entirely in Italian and only outside school hours weekly in New England. Classes are held once a week, on Saturdays, with a duration of two hours.

For children aged 6 years, language teaching is then integrated with special lessons for cultural enrichment of geography, architecture, technology, art, so as to induce children to learn, and also love the Italian culture general. These classes are taught by professionals from various sectors with their own language to the language spoken by adults, even to raise the level of learning the language of children.

The teachers are experienced and native speakers. Study programs are coordinated by an educational committee and developed, depending on age, alternating comprehension, speaking, grammar, writing exercises and taking advantage of the game as the main vehicle for the involvement of children. It ‘also provided the use of school books for lessons and for optional home exercises.

The first objective is to involve children and their parents so that for them the Saturday of the Italian school in Boston is an expected pleasure which go with great joy.

Thanks to the work of teachers, volunteers, parents, children and even of generous donors and sponsors, the PIB School has grown exponentially in a few years and, although run by volunteers and with financial support coming almost exclusively by parents and private donors, He has been able to evolve and implement more extensive and ambitious projects. The school has created a community that has the pleasure to meet and develop new initiatives; Many new friendships were born among children but also among parents who, often, waiting for the end of classes, spend time together drinking coffee. In addition to weekly lessons, we organize parties to celebrate some holidays (such as Christmas, Carnival, end of school year), lessons in Italian football, trips and meetings between families.

Where are we

Cambridge, MA, 10 minutes walk from Porter on the red line subway.

How to contact us

If interested, contact us through the specific page.

You can come and visit the school on a Saturday morning and talk to volunteers and parents.

Children can join the courses throughout the year, so they can learn more about their classmates and feel more comfortable at the beginning of the next school year.

Our teachers and volunteers are always available, even with a little ‘pride, to show the results of their work!