Teachers and Classes



Teacher of the Laboratory of History and Geography. Television author and teacher of Italian history and geography at public middle and high schools, she graduated in Modern Literature at the University Federico II of Naples.

A lover of cinema and writing, she perfected her knowledge in Milan, where she graduated in Cinema, Television and New Media at the University of Languages and Communication IULM. For ten years she divided her time between the Roman and Milanese editorial offices and studios of Rai, Mediaset, Sky, Corriere della sera and Discovery programmes, collaborating in the creation of successful formats involving art, cooking, news, fashion and documentaries. In love with the Samnite hills, friggitelli and films with Tina Pica, in Boston she teaches adults and children, trying to transmit to them the love for the most beautiful culture in the world.


Federica is the teacher of the Lavender group.

She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and Training Sciences for early childhood and a Master’s degree in Management of Educational Services and Continuing Education.

During her studies she has had many work experiences in education and teaching in kindergartens, kindergartens and elementary school.

She moved to the United States in August 2018 where she began working with the PIB school as an assistant teacher in the 5 year class. From October 2019 to June 2020 she worked as a teacher at a kindergarten in Arlington. She is now dedicating herself completely to her newborn child, just one month old.

Through reading, play and structured activities, Federica stimulates children to use and learn the Italian language.


Antonella is the teacher of the Girasole group. She moved to Boston in 2007. She has a degree in Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Technologies. She worked as a researcher and taught Italian to university students for many years.

Antonella stimulates children to use the language and accustoms them to listening and understanding through reading and structured play activities.


Rossella teaches the class named Art.

Born and raised in Sicily, I studied Modern Literature at the University’ of Catania, although I then followed my great passion for Ceramics and art and made it my profession.
I worked for 15 years in a large laboratory where I acquired all the skills related to the design, production and decoration of ceramics and artistic craftsmanship and, in the meantime, I opened my own studio.

I have also held courses in Ceramics in an institute for the disabled.
From 2014 to 2017 we moved to California in Silicon Valley and there I attended a workshop where I learned new styles and techniques and exhibited my work at various Art Festivals.

In California I also worked a lot with the kitchen: I held several cooking classes, I did catering for events, prepared dinners and business lunches for companies and pastry for parties and weddings.
I have also attended several cooking classes: Middle Eastern cuisine, sushi, German specialties.
In 2018 we moved to Boston where I taught Italian to a group of 12 adults and worked in a restaurant.
I love listening to music and Italian radio, I read a lot and spend all my free time in the kitchen experimenting and creating good and genuine Italian and non-Italian dishes and pastries.
I love to travel a lot.


Giulio is the teacher of the Bucaneve class.

He is a lawyer, he worked as a voluntary assistant of Constitutional Law in the Faculty of Law of the University of Bari for twelve years.

Immigrated for love in the United States. And out of love he decided to dive into teaching with enthusiasm.


Paola is the teacher of the class of 3-year-old children. She graduated in Science and Techniques of Interculturality at the Faculty of Letters and Philosophy of the University of Trieste and then worked as an educator in a youth gathering center. In June 2015 she moved with her family to the United States, where she continued to teach Italian to children and adults.

Thanks to her experience and human skills, Paola faces the difficult task of teaching Italian to younger children with great inventiveness and ability to involve them; it is no coincidence that she is very much loved by the children themselves: she brings liveliness, cheerfulness, affectivity and with play she involves them and stimulates them to use and love our language


Born and raised in Florence and with family in the United States (to be specific : Fiesole and Hingham, MA). Therefore bilingual Italian and English since birth. In fact she attended the American School of Florence (Italy) for a short period and then Italian (Florentine) schools. He has an easy way to learn other languages, in fact he speaks and writes French from his mother tongue. He studied in Italy, France and the USA. Master in France and then with scholarships in the United States at the University of Arizona (Tucson) with another Master and finally a Doctorate at Boston College.

Experience in teaching Italian to foreigners in the USA and in Italy (in Florence) in and for prestigious American universities. For family reasons he is in the Boston area and for this reason in the phase of a career change. During the week he works at the MIT Sloan School of Management and in his spare time he is at the PIB School of Small Italians in Boston. 2020-2021 is his third year at PIB. During these years he has developed his course for children with various themes to intrigue the little Italians of Boston to art, culture, literature, music, cooking, science and even Italian Style innovation. Scientific laboratories with experiments including scientific method, DNA extraction, scratch project and cooking as science.

An interdisciplinary approach to learning that develops teamwork making cohesive groups and a strong sense of community.


Lucia is the teacher of the cinema-theatre class.

She comes from Milan, where she was born and raised before moving to Boston 3 years ago.

She has worked in the educational environment, which is her great passion, for the last seven years with children of all ages.

She has been working with the PIB school since last year, and had the opportunity to take several classes before starting with the older kids in the school.

Her favorite thing about classes is being able to see the friendships developing between the kids and the sense of community getting stronger.


Viviana is the teacher of the adult group.

She holds a Master’s Degree in Foreign Languages and Literature and a two-year SISS qualification to teach in Italian public schools where she taught for 7 years. She speaks fluent Spanish, has a master’s degree in editorial translation, is a professional vocalist, and is the radio host of the bilingual Itali-Echo program on WNTN 1550 AM with which she keeps Italian culture, language and music alive in the Boston area. Finally, she delights in making voiceovers in Italian and sometimes English.

Play Room

As for all the activities of the School, the game space is entirely in Italian, without ever using English. The game space was inaugurated in the spring of 2017 and is dedicated to children under 3 years old (a parent must always be present with them). This initiative is very important, because all specialists believe it is essential to start learning a second language before the age of three, in order to bring children to be perfectly bilingual. Of course this activity is carried out in appropriate ways and with the accompaniment of a parent. Each meeting develops a theme, using different modes (reading, drawing, singing, playing) and is divided into different phases: welcoming children in a circle to greet them, moving on to the theme of the day, and then ending with ditties and free play.