Board of Directors

Board of Directors

Silvia - Vice President

Silvia moved to America in 2001 and, after living in several cities, came to Boston where she works as the director of the oncology biology department in a small Biotech. Her American-born husband and two children have been attending the scuola PIB for several years.
Silvia thinks that the scuola PIB is fundamental for making sure that the knowledge of the Italian language and culture becomes the common heritage of the whole family, in particular if it is “mixed” like hers.

Giovanni - President

Giovanni moved to America in 2005 and currently works at Sanofi-Genzyme, where he leads a group of clinical researchers in oncology and immuno-oncology. In March 2009 he co-founded Professional Italians in Boston (PIB) to promote activities related to Italian culture. In 2014, he founded the Scuola Piccoli Italiani di Boston (PIB school) to support a new generation of Italians in America, who maintain their links and understanding of Italy through language and culture.

Andrea - Treasurer

Andrea moved to the United States in 2007 to attend the MBA program at the University of Chicago. In 2014 he moved to Boston to work on the Dell EMC Enterprise Technology. The PIB school is for him a fantastic opportunity to keep alive Italian language and culture in his family. For him it is especially important, he says, as his wife is not Italian.

Guido - Director

A frequent visitor to the US ever since 1961, Guido moved back to Cambridge in 2010 after his 2006 retirement from 37 years of transnational legal practice which started in NY
upon his 1969 graduation from HLS and, after experiences in Paris and Hamburg, continued (with some 10 yearly visits to the US) from an Italian base. Guido supported Scuola PIB
since its inception and values its allowing kids naturally to practice Italian and explore Italian heritage and its fostering a friendly community among parents rooted in shared interest in Italy
and its culture

Vivian - Secretary

Vivian moved to Boston in 2004. He is a Research Scientist at Harvard Medical School in the field of smooth muscle dysfunctions. Father of three, he strongly believes that the love for Italy should be fostered to next generations since the healthiest tree is the one with stronger roots. At the Scuola PIB he found a community of parents that share his same feelings, and whose kids are growing together in this gorgeous land yet preserving their love for the Bel Paese.